Shahzeb Murder Case: Governor orders to Arrest Suspects in 5 days

Karachi: After the personal intervention of social media and Supreme Court in Shahzeb Khan Murder case, Governor Sindh Dr. Ishrat ul Ebad has also took the notice and issued the orders to arrest the killers within 5 days. Shahzeb Khan Murder was highlighted by the media and social networking sites, where people were sharing comments on the sudden death of Shahzeb Khan.

Few days ago, Shahzeb Khan was killed by the Shahrukh Jatoi and Siraj Talpur. Both the killers or suspects belong to the influential families of Pakistan, and they are suspects in the Shahzeb Khan Murder case. Both the suspects are still free, as they have not been arrested by the police, even after the 10 days of murder.

Several murder cases are come up daily in Pakistan, but I do not know why only this case is being discussed on social media and television reports. Hence it is a good thing which happened in Pakistan that people took the notice of a life loss.


According to the latest updates in the case i.e. murder of Shahzeb Khan in Karachi, Inspector General (IG) Sindh has formed a committee to probe in this matter and bring results in shortest time. According to local news, Deputy Inspector General (DIG) Shahid Hayat will be the convener of the committee formed by the IG Sindh. Governor and IG Sindh have conveyed the orders to arrest the suspects in 5 days.

Shahrukh Jatoi, who is the main suspect in the murder case of Shahzeb Khan, is hiding from the police. He and his family are missing from the place and hiding in the country. But obeying the orders of Governer and CM Sindh, it seems that police will arrest him in the given time period. The security guard and manager of Shahrukh Jatoi have been arrested by the police and investigation is under process.

Shahzeb Khan was a son of Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP), so it should not be difficult for his father to arrest the culprits behind the Shahzeb Murder Case, but he is helpless and demanding for the help of others to probe in this matter and arrest the suspects. He is not only a police employee but also a father in this case, it is really difficult to handle this case as he is seeing himself helpless.

According to the recent updates in this case, Shahrukh Jatoi’s father, Sikandar Jatoi came up to the media and talked about the case, where he blamed that the media is only showing the one side of picture, while the other one is hide. He added that media does not know about the history of the case and just talking about the rumors. So let’s see what happens next, when culprits will be under arrested by the police. Whereas the family of second suspect i.e. Siraj Talpur is concerned, it has totally vanished from the scene.

Shahzeb Khan Murder case has picked flame in Pakistan and it seems that it will be end with the punishment of the culprits. The media is very fast to bring the latest updates and news about the killing of a young man i.e. Shahzeb in Karachi. Government is also waiting for the arrest of Shahrukh Jatoi and Siraj Talpur to probe further in this case.

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  1. Supreme court of Pakistan has taken the notice of the Shahzeb Murder Case, which has ignited a new spirit in the youth and students of Karachi as well as Pakistan. In different universities male and female students are protesting against the murder case and demanding for the arrest of killers.

  2. The Supreme Court has given a notice to the police department for the arrest of Shahrukh Jatoi in the given time. It seems that he will be arrested soon.

  3. The case will end soon after the punishment of Shahrukh Jatoi, as he will be arrested soon by the police.

  4. The case is getting fire and a new spirit has ignited in the young students, who are conducting rallies against the murderer.

  5. After the murder of Shahzeb, who was a son of working DSP (Deputy Superintendent of Police), the whole youth has joined their hands for the arrest of jatoi family, who shot the young boy.

  6. The police is conducting raids on different places to arrest the killers of Shahzeb Khan, but several clues are going against the Shahrukh Jatoi who is the real killer of Shahzeb.

  7. He was a young man who was murdered by the Jataoi family, What about their arrest?

  8. Jatoi family has run abroad, and Pakistani police has come back to Pakistan after not arresting the Shahrukh Jatoi in the Shahzeb murder case.

  9. It is heard that the Shahrukh Jatoi the real killer has been arrested in Dubai.

  10. Pakistani youth is conducting protest against the culprits.

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