Shahid Nazir One Pound Fish and Abrar ul Haq – Song to Sell Fish

Pakistani singer Shahid Nazir, who got fame with One Pound Fish song, met Abrar ul Haq. Shahid Nazir made this song to sell fish on a stall in Queens Market, Upton Park, London. Because he was working there since long.

Pakistani has a lot of talent in boys and girls. Shahid Nazir was just a worker or salesman at a fish stall in London, when his boss asked him to shout for selling the fish. He was just hating the shout, and he decided to sing a song for selling the fish. The song One Pound Fish, which he made, went across the world and put back the fame of Gangnam-Style dance.

Shahiz Nazir just adopted a creative and unique way to sell the fish at the stall. This song totally changed the life of Shahid Nazir when his song went viral on facebook and youtube, where a lot of people were appreciating him. Warner Music came forward and signed a deal with singer Shahid Nazir, after going through the more than 3.5 million views of the One Pound Fish Video.


Few days back, he was just going abroad to have a live concert there, as several companies are sponsoring him. He is also working to release a Punjabi version of One Pound Fish soon. While talking to the media he also revealed that he will soon release a whole album, as people are appreciating him.

When he came to Pakistan, being a big fan of Abrar Ul Haq, he went to his home to meet him. Abrar Ul Haq just updated his Facebook status putting the picture of Shahid Nazir at front. He also added that he is a very good person.

Abrar Ul Haq has just joined the political party i.e. Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf (PTI), and he is the President of Youth Wing (PTI). The King of Bhangra Abrar Ul Haq and Shahid Nazir of One Pound Fish are meeting each other in the above picture. One Pound Fish song has become more famous in all over the world and people are appreciating the singer Shahid Nazir for singing more songs, as several big companies are sponsoring him.

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