Shahid Afridi Breaks His Bat After Loosing From Sri Lanka

Pakistani Cricketer Shahid Afridi broke his after loosing the match from Sri Lanka in T w0 series. According to a new controversy, Shahid Afridi’s bat is a victim of Kala Jadoo, so he broke the bat of black magic. Shahid Afridi who has made a world record by doing century or 100 scores at a small number of balls, is not performing well in the ICC T 20 world cup series. Last night Pakistani V/S Sri Lanka match took place, and Afridi who was expected to be a man of the match couldn’t play the second ball of the match, and got cleaned balled at the first ball.


Shahid Afridi who is known as a Lion of Pakistani Cricket Team is not playing well for the last few years, and according to a new controversy or scandal, the reason behind his bad performance is a black magic, which has done by someone on his bat, as a bat was found by a team of TV channels i.e. HERO TV having Afridi name, photos and crosses on it. But according to the media it is just a scandal or rumor to make the TV channels famous.

Shahid Afridi was in full of his spirits when he came to play against the Sri Lanka, but when he couldn’t play the second game and out of the match on the first ball, he took the step to break his bat. It is not meant that he has left the cricket, but it was the anger against the opposite team i.e. Sri Lanka.

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  1. It not good to break his bat, while he should go for the best performance to prove himself.

  2. The West Indies has won the worldcup after a long time of effort.

  3. It is useless to break the bat and other things, he should left cricket now, as he is not giving performance as it is expected from him.

  4. As he is showing anger on after losing the match, he should be prepared before the match to show the spirit.

  5. He is the angry cricketer of Pakistani cricket team.

  6. These days Shahid Afridi is on Hajj with Saeed Anwar and Amir Khan.

  7. What will happen with showing anger by breaking the bat?

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