Shahbaz Sharif announces Ujala Programme for Punjab Students

Chief Minister Punjab, Shahbaz Sharif has announced the Ujala Programme for the students of Punjab. He will distribute 2 lacs solar lamps to enlighten their future. Due to severe load shedding and worst energy crises in Pakistan, students are getting it hard to study at their homes and universities; therefore Ujala Programme will enlighten their study room.

Due to high rate of energy crises and electricity load shedding in Pakistan, several departments and industries are suffering. Education department is also suffering from the load shedding; therefore these solar powered lamps will help students to carry on their study during load shedding. The power outages are creating different problems in Pakistan, and for students it is really hard to acquire education.


As the previous laptop scheme and Punjab Youth Internship Program remained successful, therefore Shahbaz Sharif (CM Punjab) is announcing another one to facilitate students of Punjab. Solar lamps will be distributed purely on merit basis among the students of Matric and Intermediate in Punjab province.

During a meeting regarding Chief Minister Ujala Programme held in Model Town, he announced to distribute solar lamps among the students. The students from all over the Punjab can get benefit from this Ujala Program.

Punjab government is working very hard in the province and making the people able to get rid of their problems. Shahbaz Sharif has also been working to find the best alternatives of energy projects to get down the worst energy crises and power shortages. He has taken the initial step keeping in view the needs of our students, who are handicapped with the electricity load shedding, and cannot carry on their studies during the power outages. The distribution of solar lamps will make the students able to continue their academic activities.

Solar lamps will be given to the students free of cost. Male and female students will become a part of this scheme or programme and get the lamps which are enlightened with the solar energy. Religious institutions are also a part of our economy, so Chief Minister Punjab, Shahbaz Sharif is also seeing the possibility for distribution of solar lamps in these institutions.

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  1. It is just a program for youth and deserving students. The lamps will be given on merit basis to the students. Just stay in your colleges and universities, the Ujala team will reach there and distribute the lamps among the students, which will enlighten your study time at your home and universities. It is just due to the electricity shortage in Pakistan, which is disturbing the daily lives of many people, students, factory owners, mill owners and business owners.

  2. Who will get Ujala Lamps by Shehbaz Sharif? Students or teachers?

  3. I think these lamps will be distributed in the school, colleges and universities to the students, who deserves.

  4. The lamps may also be given on merit basis to the students of Punjab province. One may apply for this program by obtaining the application forms.

  5. Ujala Lamps for students. Its a good scheme and programme.

  6. The ujala lamp scheme will prove to be a good decision by the government of Punjab.

  7. The Chief Minister Punjab is developing the different schemes in Lahore and Punjab, so other Chief Ministers of other provinces should also learn from him.

  8. Shehbaz Shareef is just motivating the youth by giving the Ujala Lamps.

  9. Shahbaz Sharif is giving Ujala Lamps to the students, so what is the strategy for mill and factory owners?

  10. It is very suitable for students,but ye mile ge kb aur kese.

  11. sir disabl
    studint ka to specil kota hona chahy

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