Senior News Employees of ARY Killed By Police In Peshawar

During Protest against the blasphemous movie on 21st September (Friday), a senior news employee of ARY was killed by Police in Peshawar. It was done during the heavy protests in all over the Pakistan, a lot of people injured and almost 20 died, which includes a worker of ARY Digital Network. Muhammad Amir was a senior employee of ARY Digital Network, and was killed during in police firing. The protestors of blasphemous movie were torching a local Cinema, and when the police opened fire, a senior of ARY Muhammad Amir was injured and after going to hospital, he succumbed to his injuries. The police opened fire just to disperse the public, but the bullet hit the ARY news vehicle. The Mobile Serivce was also blocked during protest day.


Muhammad Amir was the senior reporter, but a driver of ARY van. He was serving the Channel for last four years, he rushed to hospital but couldn’t survive. ARY showed his footage on the channel during treatment in the local hospital.

The police, who would have to protect the people as well as the media reporters, but it opened fire and in result, a ARY employee get injured and succumbed to his injuries. It is also worth mentioning here that several gunshots were found on the windscreen of TV Channel Van.

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  1. They news reporters should be given protection.

  2. It is all doe to the lack of protection by police to the news anchors or employees of news channels.

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