Selena Gomez Revenge Against Justin Bieber

According to a news report, hot artist Selena Gomez is starting revenge against Justin Bieber. There is nothing secret between Selena and Taylor Swift, as both are best friends. So the information has been disclosed that Selena Gomez may be taking a page from BFF, means she is going to create a big trouble for Justin Bieber.

Selena Gomez was a girlfriend of Justin Bieber, but there are so many controversies about their love and affection, which are coming up to the media day by day. It is heard that their love have converted to the hater, as Selena has been separated from her boyfriend Justin Bieber.


According to another news channel, Selena and Justin has split before the new year eve after going through an argument in Mexico. After the the artiest took the decision to fly back to Los Angeles after being separated.


After the Justin Bieber smoking pot incident, he is losing her fame, which he had earned in the eyes of his fans. He has also been involved in various scandals and controversies, while some of them are just rumor made by his rivals.

According to the sources close to Selena Gomez, she is full of anger this time, and her revenge has been started against Justin Bieber. This time she has given the statement that her fans will see that how bad she is after going through the revenge against Justin Bieber.

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