Scientists Discovers Telepathy & Sixth Sense in Rats

According to an amazing search, scientists have discovered sixth sense in rats. Rats have ability to sense infrared lights through telepathy. They belong sixth sense to telepathy, but it is an amazing thing which science has discovered that rats can do telepathy means have 6th sense.

The rats have passed the sixth sense test by incorporating the chip into their brains. Experiments conducted in this innovative research prove that rats can sense the infrared signals or light without having a sight. A team consisting of neuroscientists is working at Duke University in United States under the leadership of Miguel Nicolelis. He has been successful in implantation of a chip in the brains of rats, which is allowing the rats to sense infrared light and signals.

Miguel Nicolelis has incorporated the chip into the special area of brain which controls the tactile sense. When the light were turned on, the rats started preening their whiskers. They thought that someone touched them. The experiment on rats have remained successful, and it is observed that the infrared lights can be sensed by rats, as it has been proven in the laboratory.


There are several books and videos on sixth sense and telepathy. But it is still a science fiction. But Dr. Miguel Nicolelis has gain success in sixth sense project. We have heard about several sixth sense software and devices, but they all are useless. Sometimes a question raised ‘Do Animal Have Sixth Sense”. So Nicolelis have proved the fact about animals.

Dr. Miguel Nicolelis is doing several experiments on rats. He has also started different researches on telepathy. He has created a brain-to-brain interface, which can be a latest research and invention in telepathy. The telepathy is still a science fiction, but it will not remain as it is as longer. It will become a real medical and scientific possibility, as the rats have proven the telepathy experiment true.

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  1. Ha. This spectacle in rats
    Indicates a very small method if it is compared with options of telepathy of „Kibernetika“
    Way (6 years experience of effective telepathy). And this your commotion is
    almost laughable. More details of mentioned competetive telepathy‘s methods are

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