Saudi Man was Robbed by the Sweet Female Voice | Funny Scandal



A Saudi man was become a fool when he picked a phone call and hears a sweet voice of a female saturating his ear and showing him and lady waiting for him, and he couldn’t wait. The reputed girl told him that she knows him very well since long, and also told that she lives in western town of Taif, which is hundreds of miles from the main city of Riadh, where the man is currently living. But he never mind of the distance and become ready to meet the gorgeous lady.


He went to his car and started his journey to Taif, where the girl was waiting for him on the date. When he met the girl, he asked her to uncover her covered face, and when the veil as well as the gown was taken off, the man got a shock, when he didn’t see the expected beautiful lady, but a gun pointing at his body. The dacoit who was imitating a female’s voice, with five of his companions overpowered and robbed him. The even looted his plastic money like credit cards and withdraw his all deposits. Police said that they later seized the thieves.

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  1. thank you for sharing the funny post. We should always think before doing an act. One can easily recognize the voice of a girl if hear thoroughly.

  2. This is a funny news that Saudi Man got mad after hearing a sweet voice of Arabian Girl. He should have to verify it first after starting travel towards the imaginary girl.

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