Sataesh Khan and Malik Noureed Awan Wedding Pictures

Pakistani model Sataesh Khan has married Malik Noureed Awan (ex-husband of Annie Khalid), and the wedding pictures of both the celebrities have been published here for their fans. Malik Noureed has also come out of controversies and scandals made on account of Annie Khalid Marriage and married a famous and beautiful celebrity of Pakistan.

Sataesh Khan has left showbiz industry of Pakistan, as she had earned fame as an actress, singer and beautiful model. Malik Noureed and Staesh Khan wedding is a shock for Annie Khalid, as she has left a great opportunity to live with a reputed businessman.

Malik Noureed Awan has been in news headlines since long after the marriage with Annie Khalid. The marriage started with a controversy when police raided on the wedding ceremony. Therefore it could not stay as long. Sataesh Khan and Malik Noureed after a joint venture had decided to marry, and their marriage has taken place somewhere in Pakistan.





Malik Noureed had been involved in several scandals due to Annie Khalid, as after marriage she was not accepting to have a baby with her husband. Therefore she left her husband during a honeymoon and came back to Pakistan. Hence Sataesh Khan may prove to be a beautiful and honorable wife for Malik, as she knows the limits and rights of a husband.

Satesh Khan and Malik Noureed are doing some social works for the welfare of Pakistan, and we wish them best of luck for the married life in future. Their social work is strengthening Pakistan, as both are providing the social services to the needy people of Pakistan.

Have a look on the wedding pictures of Satesh and Malik Noureed and post your comments about their wedding ceremony. Satesh Khan is really looking so cute and beautiful in Hijab, while she is also wearing a wedding dress (Lahenga). It is the real beauty that she is wearing scarf even on her wedding day under the bridal dress.

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