Sara Chaudhry Left Showbiz And Became A True Muslim

The Famous Actress Sara Chaudhry has left Showbiz Industry and became a true Muslim. The first interview of Sara Chaudhry after leaving the showbiz industry is here for the viewers. She was suddenly vanished from the showbiz industry and after a thorough search she was found in a the activity of learning Islam. She was totally changed, and in this interview you can see her in Abaya. She is hiding herself obeying the order of ISLAM. Its very difficult for someone specially for a famous personality of showbiz to leave showbiz industry, but when ALLAH Almighty gives advice to someone, the one started to go on right way like this woman.


Sara Chaudhry in a Morning Show with Farah told her views about the showbiz and Islam. This is the first Interview of Sarah Chaudhry after leaving Showbiz.



A feature has also been released in a Khabrein Magazine about the ex-actress Sara Chaudhry, in which a detailed interview with Sara Chaudhry has been released.

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  1. God Bless you Sara.

  2. It is a great effort of Sara Chaudhry to left showbiz, while when someone comes to the showbiz industry and get fame, it remains always difficult or impossible for him to left the showbiz industry for the sake of Islamic knowledge. Islam orders the girls to use Veils and Pardah, the Sara has now change her attitude and getup according to the Islamic orders. I really appreciate her and wish her all the best.

  3. Pakistani Drama Channels

    The whole Pakistan should feel proud of Sara Chaudhry, who has left showbiz on her own will.

  4. You have amazingly gone towards the religion.

  5. Its a good decision to left showbiz industry and come towards the Islam.

  6. It is a message or lesson for all the girls in showbiz.

  7. She has chosen the right way i.e. Islam.

  8. She has now turned the real Muslim woman, it is a great decision by Sara.

  9. I appreciate the act of Sara Chaudhry, who is the famous celebrity left showbiz industry to become a real Muslim Woman.

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