Sanam Baloch and Abdullah Farhatullah Wedding Pictures

Pakistani Actress Sanam Baloch got married with Abdullah Farhatullah in 2013, and the wedding pictures of couple are roaming over the social media and social networking sites, where people are saying congratulations to newly wedded couple of Pakistani dramas industry.

Sanam Baloch is a Pakistani actress, model and morning show host, and after marriage she is receiving a lot of call from her fans in the morning show. The Sanam Baloch fans are saying her congratulations and passing their marriage greetings for their loving host. Several Pakistani celebrities, actors, actresses, directors and model were attending the Sanam Baloch Wedding party, while some of them performed wedding dance on the ceremony. So have a look on the Sanam Baloch wedding pictures. Sanam Baloch Scandal Photos were roaming over the web few months ago, but now the marriage photos have ruined the previous scandals.

Sanam Baloch’s Nikah Ceremony held in Karachi, where the photographers were capturing the event. The beautiful Pakistani Host was looking gorgeous at her wedding ceremony. The Wedding Photoshoot of Pakistani Actress Sanam Baloch has been published here for her fans, so that who could see her wedding photos and write their comments upon the gorgeous Sanam Baloch.

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