Sana Tariq Geo TV Anchor Hot Pictures in Dubai UAE

Here we are presenting some exclusive and hot pictures of Geo TV anchor Sana Tariq. Sana is a Geo TV host on Bakhabar Sawera i.e. a morning show. Before conducting this beautiful morning show on Geo TV network, she was a news caster on the same TV Channel. As she became popular among the Pakistani audience, she was awarded with some other beautiful and stunning jobs.

As our political leaders are not caring about their personal image and being involved in different types of scandals day by day, the news anchors or morning show hosts are also taking part in such these activities. Media is rising a lot of scandals of these anchors and hosts, because they are famous among the people. Some days ago it came up to the audience that someone hacked the personal computer of Mehar Bukhari stealing her personal hot pictures, and the pictures became the part of social networking sites. These scandals are raising day by day.

If you see in these pictures, these are also the personal pictures of Sana Tariq, in which she is standing with someone, he may be her husband or boyfriend. But its not good to say anything scandalous about her as Sana Tariq is not doing a weird act in these pictures. If Sana Tariq is smoking in one of these pictures, so in her personal life, she has right to do anything she wants. But one thing is most worth mentioning here that when they rise fingers on the political leader’s personal life, they should think about them first.


Sana Tariq

Sana Tariq Hot Girl

Sana Tariq In Car With Bf

Sana Tariq With Boyfriend

Sana Tariq With Baby

It is also a fact that, the stars and celebrities of the countries present the country outside in outer world. When they go outside Pakistani, they should show the positive attitude to the world. As Sana Tariq in these hot personal pictures is smoking, it will leave a negative impression of Pakistan. She must present the true culture of the Pakistan. Have a look on the scandal pictures or hot pictures of Sana Tariq, which have been taken by someone in outside Pakistan, looks to be in UAE, Dubai.

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  1. She is looking hot in these pictures, which have been taken and published by someone over the web and social networking sites.

  2. What is this propaganda that several morning show host girls are being involved in pictures or other scandals?

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