Sana Bucha left Geo TV and joined Dunya News Channel

The famous journalist and Geo news Anchor Sana Bucha has resigned from Geo TV channel. According to the media report the main reason behind her resign from Geo news is Dr. Amir Liaquat, as Geo TV was offering him to host a show on Malala Yousafzai, which was not a acceptable decision for Sana Bucha, so she decided to resign on this issue and after some time joined another TV Channel i.e. Dunya News.

She previously resigned from Geo TV on the rehiring of Dr. Amir Liaquat, as she has some disputes with the Muslim Cleric, therefore she don’t want to see him in the same channel where she is working. Sana Bucha is a well educated Pakistani anchor. Whereas the profile and biography of Sana Bucha is concerned she was born in Karachi in 1980, and his father was an airline captain at Pakistan airlines (PIA). Bucha has two sisters named Bisma and Nimra Bucha. She completed her basic or school studies at the Convent of Jesus and Mary in Karachi city. As her A Levels were completed, she went abroad for higher studies and got a masters degree in political sciences from King College of London.


She produced the first English Language Bulletin on Geo News, which remained successful. After getting fame from the English bulletin, she became the executive director for the program on current affairs i.e. Crisis Cell. After the successful running of Crisis Cell, Sana Bucha was given another stunning program on Geo TV i.e. Laikin. Pakistani politics, South Asia, foreign relations, Middle East affairs and American involvement in Pakistan are the topics of her great interest, which were covered in Laikin on Geo TV.

But unfortunately the Geo has lost the beautiful female journalist Sana Bucha after having some differences between management and female journalist. But Bucha explained on twitter that she has left Geo because of Geo not for any other channel.

According to the Journalism Pakistan, Beautiful female journalist Sana Bucha resigned from the Geo TV just because she was getting upset about the Dr. Amir Liaquat as Geo was offering him to host a special show on child activist Malala Yousafzai.

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