Saloni Bukhair PTI Women Wing President Says Group Working Against Her

The Women Wing President of PTI Saloni Bukhari is saying that a group is working against her. There is a tussle among the party members, which has given a raise to disunity. The political disturbance and mismanagement is being seen in PTI. According to the Saloni Bukhari a special group is working against her to dismiss her from the seat of Women Wing President.

A particular group of Women Wing has started to assume a long march in different districts of he Punjab or Sindh province demanding the removal of Saloni Bukhari from the seat and replace her with Dr. Nausheen Hamid. As she is the newly elected Woman Wing President, so many of the party members are not ready to see her on the seat, and this jealousy has enabled them to conduct a long march against the president. The group is demanding that the procedure should be the elections. The nominations for the presidency should be held through proper elections, and selected members should not be given this seat.


As in Pakistan the politics is just has become a game. Various Parties are being risen in this new era. But whereas the old and famous political parties are concerned, which have a great and huge database of members, there must be clashes among the party workers and member. Saloni Bukhari being a esteemed member of PTI is also facing problems.

The Lahore Women Wing of PTI has started rallies in various districts of Lahore for the nomination of Nausheen Hamid as Women Wing President. Saloni Bukhari while talking with the media person told that she is not so aware of the tactics of the group, which is working against her in the district.

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  1. PTI Pakistan is giving memberships to the newcomers of the party to make the party more strong. As this party is very much famous political party of Pakistan especially in youngsters, but in near future, it is not expected to be the ruling party of Pakistan.

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  3. There are some party disputes among the leaders of PTI.

  4. This is the null political system of Pakistan, which has nothing to do with.

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  6. Saloni Bukhari is one of the famous leaders of PTI, but as the political situation in Pakistan is critical the leaders are involved in leg pulling.

  7. Saloni is among the top leaders of PTI, she will not left the seat as per the party decision.

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