Salman Khan quit smoking and drinking due to mouth pain

The famous Bollywood Star Salman Khan after going through the nerve operation or treatment has quit smoking and drinking due to his better health. He is struggling for his good health, as he is facing the irritation and pain in his mouth, and this is the main reason for Salman to quit smoking as well as drinking.

It is also heard that he doesn’t allow anyone to smoke around him, and if someone do it yet, it is not tolerated by the Salman, as he has become the health-conscious after going through the nerve treatment or operation. The doctors performed the nerve operation almost a year ago, but Salman Khan is feeling pain in his mouth yet, therefore he quit smoking.

He has now become the popping star of Bollywood after the success of his recent blockbuster movies like Bodyguard, Tiger and others, and he don’t want to loose this fame. He is suffering from the illness, but still giving time to the Bollywood on the set of his upcoming movies.


Salman Khan’s family is much worried about him and praying for his good health, so he don’t want her family to feel worry about him, therefore he has decided to quit smoking and drinking for the happiness of his family. Once Salman Khan was present on the set of his upcoming movie in a location in India, when her sister made some meals and send him on the movie set, where he was not letting anyone to smoke around him. It is very difficult to quit anything like smoking and drinking after having the addiction, but Salman Khan has proved that one can easily quit smoking and drinking keeping in view one’s good health.


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