Salma Agha’s Daughter Sasha Agha Will Appear in Bollywood

Sasha Agha is the daughter of famous Pakistani superstar or actress Salma Agha, and she is going to make a debut in Bollywood Movie. Salma Agha is one of the famous names of Lollywood or Pakistani film industry, and she has contributed a lot in the Pakistani Cinema. She got fame from her super hit Movie “Nikah”, and now her daughter Sasha Agha is going to rock the Indian Cinema on big screen. This will be the fourth generation of the Agha’s family who is going to appear at the Cinema Screen. Before this her grandparents Jogal, Kishor Mehra and Anwar Begum had done a beautiful movie in 1932 i.e. “Heer Ranjha”. The mother of Salma Agha i.e. Nasreen has done a role of Rohi in the movie Shahjahan.


Unfortunately the beautiful Pakistani actress Salma Agha instead of having a beautiful look, fair color, blue eyes, and extra ordinary skills couldn’t maintained her career or worth in the Bollywood, as she has already appeared in the Bollywood Cinema. Now her daughter Sasha Agha is going to become a part of Bollywood.

This time the daughter of Salma Agha, the beautiful Sasha Agha is going to play a role in Bollywood movie, which has been offered by one of the famous Bollywood Director. Lets see what she does in the movie, as her role is not decided yet. A lot of Pakistani celebrities, star, actors and actresses are thinking about their career in Bollywood, but a lot of them have no offer from any director or producer. But some of them are even getting offers from the Famous Film Industry i.e. Hollywood, as Mahnoor Baloch is also going to be appeared at Hollywood Movie Torn. Sasha Agha is also one of them who are getting the offers from the famous film industries like Bollywood. A lot of people are waiting to see the Sasha Agha in the movie as she always looks hot and seductive. So lets see for what she is going to make her debut movie with Bollywood.

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  1. It is heard that she is also travelling towards the Hollywood Industry. Is it true or false?

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