Sale of Pakistani Girls in Multan – Woman Arrested

A woman arrested from Darulsakoon on the charge of kidnap and sale of Pakistani Girls. Kulsoom Bibi who was involved in the sale of Pakistani Girls was beaten by her victim Nasira Bibi for kidnapping and selling her daughter to the customers in Queeta. This is a serious matter and a big issue, which should be discussed by the Pakistani Government for implementation. The Police is also none serious and not taking action against the culprits. The Girls are firstly kidnapped and then sold to the foreigner buyers, and our Pakistani persons are doing this bad job for money. Multan is a big city of Pakistan, and this crime is taking place in the whole Pakistan, due to low measurements and not strict action. The Government should adopt some strict policies to reduce this crime in the country.

As it may be well in your knowledge that the Asian girls are popular in all over the world for their beauty, the buyers from the foreign world are importing girls from the Asia for selling them in the international market on higher prices. Their workers are working in whole Asia specially in Pakistan, who kidnap the Pakistani Girls first and then sale them to the desired peoples. They are not just selling Pakistani girls abroad, but they are selling the repute and honor of Pakistan. If these culprits are given strict punishment, no one will do like this mistake in her life, and our girls will remain safe in their homes and offices as well as at every place in the country. Sale of Pakistani Girls has become a huge scandal and big issue in the country, which should be vanished soon.

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  1. Government should monitor these illegal activities to prevent the innocent girls from this evil.

  2. Its ridiculous that while proper law and orders in Pakistan, the the police can’t stop the girl selling activities in Pakistan.

  3. The government should take some strict measures to stop the sale of Pakistani or desi girls in abroad.
    I just wanted to say, I enjoyed this post. It was helpful. Keep on posting!

  4. These Naikas or girl sellers should be given punishment, the destroys the life of a girl after selling them to the international or foreign buyers, who use them for the purpose of prostitution. When government will take strict action, this practice of selling the girls will be reduced or vanished from the Pakistan.

  5. The mafia behind the selling of girls must be given punishment to prevent from the future loss.

  6. Yes you are right, the government should be so fast to take the action against the culprits.

  7. some people are involved in this act of selling girls. They should be caught by the police.

  8. These culprits put the lives of girls at risk, when they sell the girls.

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