Saif Kareena Marriage is Not According to the Islamic Law

Mumbai: According to a local report, Saif and Kareena marriage is forbidden by Islamic law, as they Muslim man has married a non-Muslim or Hindu woman. It was a rumor some days ago that Kareena Kapoor is a accepting Islam to marry Saif, as it is demanded by her mother-in-law Sharmila Tagore. She want her grand children to born Muslims.

The news remained a part of media news and headlines laving several controversies, as both the bride and groom belong to well known families of India. It was hard for the Kareena family to see their daughter as Muslims, but Kareena had took the good decision by committing that she will accept Islam as the best religion before her marriage with Saif Ali Khan.


According to the different Muslim scholars the Saif Kareena marriage is illicit by Islamic law. If Saif Ali Khan want to marry Kareena Kapoor, then she will have to accept Islam first, then the marriage according to the Islamic law will took place, otherwise this marriage will be forbidden in Islam. According to the Muslim Scholars, a Muslim man can marry the christian and Jewish women without getting her into Islam, but it will be more beneficial it he do so before the marriage, it is not forbidden by Islamic Law. But Saif Ali Khan has married the Kareena Kapoor a Hindu lady, so this marriage is illicit in Islam. The scholars also added that the Saif Ali Khan has forget the Islamic law, where the marriage with Hindu is not allowed, he should keep in mind the Islamic rules and regulation, as he will have to answer this at Judgement Day.

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  1. Saif has married Kareena without getting her in the best religion i.e. Islam, so this marriage is forbidden by law.

  2. Its a wrong doing by Saif Ali Khan, as being a Muslims he knows that this marriage is illicit by law.

  3. It is heard that she is not ready to accept Islam and living with Saif being a Hindu.

  4. Being a Muslim, Saif Ali Khan should not live with a Hindu girl i.e. Kareena Kapoor which is even not going to change her surname after marriage.

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