Sahir Lodhi’s New Movie Dil Hai Pakistani

Pakistani TV actor, host and RJ Sahir Lodhi is playing a role in Movie Dil Hai Pakistani. Sahir Lodhi is mostly criticized for copying Bollywood actor Shahrukh Khan, and this criticism is raised by both viewers from Pakistan and India. Now He is going to play a role in a local movie Dil hai Pakistani, which is also a copy of Shahrukh’s Movie Phir Bhi Dil Hai Hindustrani.



Sahir Lodhi already have many controversies about her marriage. Mostly people say Sahir Lodhi is married and mostly say not. He is also a smart actor of Pakistan, she is very much famous especially in girls, and girl always think about sahir lodhi wife. Sahir lodhi has got fame from Sahi Lodhi Show, and now looking busy to improve himself to appear in movies also.


Sources told that Javed Raza will direct this movie. Javed Raza is now a days in india, to convince Sheeba Bhakri to work in his film. Ghulam Muhyuddin, Maria Khan, and other sizzling actors will also become a part of this movie. The main thing is that the shooting would take place in the big cities of India.


According to my opinion, Pakistanis are not good in copy making, therefore they should not shoot a film, which is a copy of an Indian film. The more criticism will be raised.

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  1. Where to download the movie? Dil hai Pakistani.

  2. Sahir Lodhi show is also going at its best, as the ex RJ of Radio Pakistan is hosting the show.

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