Sahir Lodhi Wife Somi Nizami Lodhi – Wedding Pictures

Sahir Lodhi with his wife Somi Nizami Lodhi on his wedding presenting wedding snapshots and pictures over the web. Sahir Lodhi is a famous host of different TV shows. He has a huge fan club due to her quality that he copies Shahrukh Khan. The people especially girls thinks about his marriage, and this fact is not revealed by the Sahir. Girls are crazy about his attitude and stylish look. In his language and body language he always tries to copy SRK. He was introduced by the Radio, where he became the RJ, and this platform is yet not left by the Sahir Lodhi.

After the divorce of Shaista Wahidi he is also looking not good in TV Shows. The reason behind the divorce of Shaista Wahidi is her carreer. He has passed his comments about the divorce. But he is not happy due to this incident, and the whole family of Shaista Wahidi is disturbed due to the break of relation with Wahidi Family. She has also left her children behind, and struggling very hard to make her carreer bright leaving her family that is not a fair and good decision.


When we come upon the Sahir Lodhi’s marriage and talk about her Wife. The Somi Nizami Lodhi has become his wife after marriage with Sahir. Somi Nizami Lodhi has not a showbiz background but she is a beautiful lady and living with Sahir after marriage very happily. Have a look on the picture.

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  1. The exclusive picture of his marriage you have uploaded here. it very nice to see the couple.

  2. If you have some more pictures of his wife, then please upload here and share with us the complete story of their marriage.

  3. The couple is looking so beautiful, and i like it.

  4. The couple is looking gorgeous and beautiful.

  5. Its a good suggestion but Sahir will not invite her wife in the show.

  6. Very nice article, just what I wanted to find.

  7. The internet has not more images of Sahir Lodhi with his wife. If anyone has some more pictures to please publish here.

  8. beautiful picture of sahir bhai with bhabi


  10. bro ap or ap ki wife bht ache iag rhe ho

  11. sahir bahi u anh ur wife are vry nice I lyk u vry vry vry mch vvvvvvvvvvvvy mUch

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