Sadia Imam Wedding Pictures With Husband

The Sadia Imam’s wedding photos are roaming over the media with her husband Haider. Sadia Imam and Haider got married few months ago, but the date of their Nikkah ceremony or marriage is not disclosed yet. It is heard that their Rukhsati has also been done in the October 2012.

Sadia Iman has not disclosed her marriage photo shoot, as only few pictures are available over the web, in which Sadia Imam is sitting with her husband (Haider). It was just a simple marriage ceremony, where only the relatives or family members were invited. Sadia has also moved to Germany after the marriage ceremony with Haider.


Few days ago She was spotted wearing Hijab. The Pictures of Sadia Imam in Hijab was also roaming over the web. The people were saying that Sadia has started wearing Hijab after marriage. But it is a good decision taken by the Pakistani hot actress that she has started to wear head scarf on the will of her husband.

Sadia Imam was hosting a show i.e. “Mast Morning” at Dawn News, and she was looking so hot in the saree. The host Sadia Imam at “Mast Morning” comes to entertain the people of Pakistan. It has been a trend of Morning Shows in Pakistan in 2012, as every channel has started a morning TV show by casting a superb model or actress. According to a local news the Pakistani hot actress Sadia Imam is making debut Bollywood Movie.

In year 2012 several Pakistani celebrities belongs to Film, Music, Politics and drama industry have got married. In year 2012 the following marriage of the so called celebrities took places.

Atiqa Odho and Samar Ali Khan

Shehzad Sheikh and Hina Mir

Annie Khalid and Malik Naureed Awan

Whereas these celebrities got married, some divorces have also taken place in the same year. The major news of Shaista Wahidi divorce and Nadia Khan divorce was just like a shock for their fans. But there may be several reasons behind their divorce. It is also heard that the Singer Annie Khalid is also getting divorce from her husband due to some clash.


Sadia Imam Wedding Pictures is just a controversy yet for some people who are big fan of her and waiting for the wedding photo shoot. But Sadia Imam and Haider both have done their marriage with simplicity, therefore there is no any photo shoot of their marriage ceremony.

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