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The Pakistani diva, fashion model, actress and host, Sadia Imam started to wear Hijab after marriage. She also not revealed her wedding pictures to the public. She was born in the capital city of Pakistan i.e. Islamabad in 1979, and in a very early age, she captivated the showbiz market. She remained among the top models of Pakistani showbiz industry and still considered to be the most glamorous actress in Pakistan. She has also done a lot of catwalks on the walking ramps.

She has previously worked in radio shows, fashion shows, TV commercials, and dramas. She did her first photo shoot with Nabila and Tapu Javeri. She started her drama carrier in city of lights i.e. Karachi. Since then Sadia Imam has appeared in a lot of dramas. She goes on the top of fame in the showbiz industry that every producer and director was asking her for time to cast her in new dramas. She was the most wanted girl in the TV dramas.


Sadia Imam has also become a part of Pakistani scandals, which was also the main reason behind her fame. Her scandal with Humayun Saeed was one of the top popular and money earning scandal at that time. She has given a shocked to her fans by confirming her wedding news. In October 2012 she will tie a knot again with man of a well known family. Previously Sadia Imam was married to Aslam Khan, and the marriage took place in 2005, but unfortunately it couldn’t last long. He has recently said good bye to the Pakistani TV channels, which spread the curiosity among her fans.

After her marriage, she has set a perfect example of obedience to her husband by wearing Hijab. It is the wish of her husband that his wife should wear Hijab, and Sadia Imam is obeying it as the order of her husband by wearing Hijab. The sudden change in the personality of Saida Imam is worth appreciating that she is now trying to become a real Muslim wife with Hijab. As Sara Chaudhry has left showbiz and wears Hijab, Sadia Imam is also going on the same line following Sara Chaudhry and Urooj Nasir, which not only shows the obedience to her husband, but also presents the country and nation she belongs to.

Sadia Imam is loved by all the Pakistanis and other peoples all around the world. She has worked with almost every top actor and actress of Pakistan and has done a beautiful remarkable work. She is among the most beautiful and attractive actresses on the Pakistan, who are unforgettable. As it is mentioned above that Sadia Imam has not yet revealed her wedding pictures, and has started to wear Hijab (Veil), will prove to be a good wife for her husband.

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  1. She has really done a great work and showed a great example of obedience.

  2. Its good to see Saida in Veil, its worth mentioning that is hard to leave showbiz after getting fame.

  3. She is looking so beautiful in Hijab. She is just looking like a real Muslim girl.

  4. Real Beauty behind Hijab. The girls always looks beautiful in Hijab. All the Muslim women and girls should use veils.

  5. Masha Allah

    She just set an example for others

    If she can … then every one can too

  6. 100 choohay kha ker billi chali haj ko

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