Saba Qamar Looking Hot in Vulgar Fresh up or Face Fresh Ad

The Pakistani model, host and actress Sabahat Qamar commonly known as beautiful Saba Qamar will is being seen in ‘Face Fresh’ or Fresh up cream advertisement. She is giving a seductive look in the advertisement, which is being aired from different TV channels in Pakistan. Saba Qamar has got a lot of followers and amazing fame through the GEO TV show “Hum Sab Umeed Se Hain”. It is a one of the best programs of Geo TV Network. But at this time her reputation is being decreased as she has done a vulgar act in Face Fresh or Fresh up cream ad. She is giving a sexy and hot look in the advertisement. The perma has also not taken even a little action against the advertisement, which is too much disappointing.


Saba Qamar previously has done an advertisment for Fresh Up mint, which was also not a suitable ad for her as she was loosing her fame by appearing in the ad as Saba Qamar sexy lady. The sexy dress worn by Saba was same like Iman Ali dress of Q mobile NOIR. But the difference is only that the in Q Mobile NOIR advertisement the dress of Iman Ali was changed after a huge hue and cry.

As many live shows and morning shows are running over the different TV Channels of Pakistan, a lot of people are complaining about the latest advertisements, which are being made to attract the people by showing a little bit nudity and hotness by wearing the short cloths. As Saba Qamar is deciding to act in a vulgar advertisement, so according to the complaining people these ads are not viewable in front of the family.

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  1. Saba Qamar is also forwarding towards the advancement and doing some vulgar acts in the commercials.

  2. Saba Qamar is looking so hot in this ad of fresh up bubble. These days Pakistani actress are also going towards the vulgarity, as it has become a part of our showbiz industry, and without this people doesn’t become interested to watch the ads and shows.

  3. As India is going towards the Hollywood, and Pakistani actresses are moving towards the Bollywood regarding the fashion trends and dresses.

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