Russian woman get scary face tattoo (Pictures) for boyfriend

A graduate student, Russian woman Lesya Toumaniantz get a scary face tattoo of her name by her boyfriend who is a controversial artist Rouslan Toumaniantz. He tattooed the girlfriend name on her face, and it became a scary tattoo as it was not looking good on her face.

Temporary tattoos on face is another thing, which is removable. But the permanent face tattoo is not removable and become a curse for whole life. People like clown face tattoos for drawing on their faces in U.S. and some European countries.

It is the worst thing that the girl met the boyfriend just 24 hours before she allowed him to draw a worst face tattoo on her face, as she wanted Rouslan Toumaniantz to write her name in a beautiful font on her face with tattoo ink.


Toumaniantz has fallen in love with the tattoo artist, so she wants him to tattoo every inch of her boy. She also wrote on her facebook wall that she is going to marry him soon.

Tattoo fonts are of several nature, but in this case the name ‘Rouslan’ has been written both on her cheeks in Gothic letters. The tattoo is five inches tall and cover the whole face of the Russian student Rouslan.

Scary face tattoo can make your life a curse, as it will be disliked by everyone. According to my personal view, the permanent tattoos are not good for human health. So we should avoid from making of tattoos on our bodies. According to a recent search tattoo cause serious disease hepatitis.

Hence we never recommend tattoo implantation on any part of body, as it may be harmful for your health and life. The Russian Student ‘Rouslan’ has done a bad job by making the tattoo on her face as it has permanently become a watermark for her identification.

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