Russian ‘Sleeping Judge’ Resigns after Scandal Video

MOSCOW: As the Russian ‘sleeping judge’ video was exposed and became viral, the judge has resigned from her post. He was accused of hearing the case, while he was sleeping in the court room.

The Russian judge scandal video has gone viral over the video sharing sites, and the judge has resigned from the post. He was hearing the case, while he was asleep during the hearing, and after that he sentenced the defendant to five years in penal colony.


Critics of the Russian Justice System have taken the action against the judge keeping in view the high conviction rate. In a video the judge Yevgeny Makhno was sleeping during the hearing of a case, and even after hearing he is announcing the court’s decision. It is totally a negligent behavior of a Russian judge. Hence he is no more a judge as he has resigned.

Regional judge and a penal member Valentina Pozhrskaya revealed that the Judges Qualification Panel has accepted the Makhno’s resignation, and he is no more a Russian judge. The ‘judge sleeping video’ was captured in July during a trail in Blagoveshchensk town in Russia, in which Makhno is putting her head on a chair’s back and sleeping while hearing.

The sleeping judge during trail is also announcing the decision, an other amazing act. The businessman got five years hard labor, but he was able to submit another appeal on February 14.

Other three members were also sentenced to two years in jail on account of hooliganism motivated by religious hatred, as they had performed an anti-putin prayer in main cathedral, Moscow in 2012. This act was called excessive by the Russian and foreign commentators.

Russian judge Makhno will be able to come back on his seat, after having a retake in exams. But for the time being he has resigned from her seat, and no more a Russian judge due to his involvement in sleeping judge scandal video.

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