Russian Muslims against law banning hijabs in schools

On behalf of Russian Muslims, Moscow Lawyer Murad Musayev has filed a lawsuit against law banning Hijabs in Schools. Hijab is a religious head dress of women or girls, so Russia must lift the ban from Hijab wearing in Schools. The Russian Muslims are seeking to overturn the regional government resolution on account of school uniform, which must be introduced keeping in view the religious groups in Russia.

Russia had banned the head dresses (Hijabs, Scarfs and Veils) in the schools, so Muslim community has taken the action and filed a lawsuit against the law, which is imposing ban on Hijab wearing in schools. The rules made by the Russian government prohibit the school children from wearing head scarfs, head clothing, veils, skirts with low waistline or high slits, trousers and religious clothing.


The court is in process to study the whole case or documents, but the hearing of the case is still pending due to some unknown reasons. The Muslim Board of Stavropol Territory has know decided to remain neutral on the issue of Hijabs in schools, as they are not supporting and condemning the lawsuit.

According to the local governor’s press release, the stance on this issue has not changed. There must be a difference between religious and secular eduction. Whereas the regional government is concerned, they have refused to pass any comment upon this religious issue of scarf wearing in schools. The regional education ministry was also not available for giving comments upon the issue. The Muslim world must intervene personally in this case, as the Muslims girls wears scarfs and Hijabs.

There is a big community of Muslims in Russia, as almost 20 million Muslim people live there. In North Caucasus, Tatarstan and Bashkortostan, Russian Muslims are in strength. The Muslims world must comes up to take action against the law which ban Hijab (Scarf) in Russian schools for Muslims girls.

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