Rich Arabs Purchasing Summer Brides or Beautiful Girls in Egypt

The wealthy and rich Arabs from gulf countries are going to Egypt for enjoying their summer vacation. They went to Egypt, and according to the new trend they purchase summer brides, who are the underage girls, for their enjoyment. The Behrain has now become the place for enjoyment for the Arabs, but according to a new practice in vogue, the Arabs from the rich families are going Egypt to purchase underage girls for their enjoyment and having sex with them in nights at five star hotels.


They do marriages with them, while these marriages are not binding them for long time, and finally they went to their home countries. According to the report, like these marriages are forced by the girl’s parents who get a huge amount in reward as profit, and made this transaction.


Actually these girls belong to poor families and sell their bodies in the shelter of temporary marriage, and the wealthy tourists pays huge amount in reward.



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  1. Its not a good thing that they are purchasing the brides to compete with their sexual desires.

  2. They often used to go Bahrain to enjoy the summer vacations.

  3. Instead of wasting money in like these programs, and purchasing the brides, they should donate something to the poor people.

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