Rapa das Bestas – Horse Wrestling Festival in Spain 2013

Rapa das Bestas is a Spanish Horse Wrestling Festival held in Spain every year. In 2013 the festival is yet to be started. Instead of Bull-fighting the Spanish people take a part in the horse wrestling festival, which has become famous all over the world.

In Galicia, Spain, the Rapa das bestas is held every year, where girls, boys, men and women take part in the horse fighting competition. This is an amazing horse fight festival, where girls, boys, men  and women gather all the untamed horses in a corral. The Spanish people of all ages wrestle them to the ground with the bare hands. They fight with horses to cut their manes and tales out and brand them.

Rapa das Bestas starts in the first week of July every year in Spain. The fiesta goes on for three days and people enjoys a lot. The 2013 Rapa das Bestas is ready to start in July, and the people from all over the world will be gathered there to see the horse wrestling. Have a look on the pictures of Rapa das Bestas.









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