Rani Mukharji’s Brother Raja Arrested by Versova Police

Versova Police has detained Raja Mukharji, the brother of Bollywood actress Rani Mukharji on the charge of molesting a female scriptwriter on Sunday night.

The victim approached Rani Mukharji‘s brother Raja with the aim to show her script, when she came to Raja, he tried very hard to molest her in the car. On the screaming of the girl someone informed the police and police arrested the Raja Mukharji after attaining the medical tests. He is still in the police lockup.


A police FIR or case has been lodged against him under section 354 of the Indian Penal Code. The further details are awaited.

Courtesy: Mid-Day.com

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  1. This is the trend of our country that when someone comes to us with a desire especially a girl, we wish to have her on the bed. It is the psyche of most of the people in India.

  2. He is stigmatizing the beautiful actress Rani Mukarji.

  3. The brother of Rani Mukharji was getting the benefit of her sister.

  4. Its is wrong doing of Rani’s brother.

  5. He was getting the wrong benefit of his sister.

  6. Raja Mukharji must be sent behind bars for molesting a girl in car getting the wrong benefit of his sister.

  7. Shame on you raja.

  8. Rani has lost her fame due to her brother act, which was going on in a car.

  9. He is indirectly stigmatizing his sister Rani Mukharji.

  10. The Rani’s brother should feel shame upon this act.

  11. Who was the script writer girl?

  12. The girls should avoid like these persons.

  13. Raja Mukharji is stigmatizing the Rani Mukharji by doing these stupid acts.

  14. Vidya Balan in Dirty Picture has also proved that it is so difficult to become a model and actress of Bollywood without sleeping with so called directors and producers.

  15. Its a practice of several Bollywood film Directors and producers to decide the heroin of the movie keeping in view the personal interest.

  16. Vidya Balan in Dirty Pictures has also showed that how a normal girl become actress.

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