Rallies on 5 February Kashmir Day in Pakistan

Lahore: Several parties are decided to conduct rallies on Kashmir Day (5th January 2013) against India in Pakistan. Ameer, Jamaat-e-Islami Syed Munawar Hassan has appealed to the people of Pakistan to take a part in rallies on Kashmir Day. The demonstration will show complete solidarity with Kashmiri brothers.

Kashmir day is a holiday for Pakistan, and people leave their work on 5th February for participating in the demonstration against India to support Kashmir and Kashmiri Muslims. So by conducting the rallies and arranging the demonstrations we can give a message to the US and UN to make policies for the freedom of Kashmir.


Kashmir day (25th February) is a also called Youm-e-Yakjehti-e-Kashmir and Kashmir Solidarity Day. The Jamat-e-Islami has also warned to government to avoid from any act, which shows the brotherhood  and love with India, as it will go against the national solidarity, which is not bearable. Syed Munawar Hassan also added that the cowardly rulers had been betraying the blood of our Kashmiri brothers for the last 5 years. They were just continuing the policies of General Parvez Musharaf and shaking hands with India, while on the other hand Delhi has been showing enmity towards Pakistan.


Foreign and Interior Ministers of India has previously admitted the severe involvement of extremist Hindu groups in the bloodletting of Kashmiri Muslims, while on the other hand Pakistan rulers and government is just quite and has no enough courage to raise voice against India.

On Kashmir Day, Syed Munawar Hassan said that the whole nation must be gathered to demonstrate against India, so that the United Nations could see the crowds of Muslims and take serious action against India to leave Kashmir, as it is the part of Pakistan and Kashmiri Muslims never want to become a part of India. We must participate in the demonstrations to protest on Kashmir Day, and should not spare any sacrifice for the freedom of our Muslim brothers living in Kashmir under the threat of India.


Kashmiri Muslims are daily fighting against Indian army situated in Kashmir. While the none-Muslim world is making propaganda against Kashmir by making the double standard policies, which always go against Kashmir as well as Muslims. They always make these anti-Muslim policies, but now their real face has been exposed. But now it is the right time to start protesting, so that the United Nations could take serious action by changing their policies to liberate Kashmir as well as Palestine from the India and Israel respectively.

The Indian army is occupying Kashmir, and it is totally unlawful act. It seems that United Nations (UN) is bound by USA for making the anti-Islam policies, which go against the Muslims. But when the whole nation will together, the United Nation will become serious to implement the real policies on the Kashmir issue, where the Indians are living illegally. It will be a freedom fight for Kashmiri Muslims, who are fighting for their lives. The blood of martyrs in Kashmir will bring the change, and Kashmir will soon become a part of Pakistan, as it is the need of all kashmiri Muslims, who want to become a part of their parent country i.e. Pakistan.

In the recent ceremony of President Obama Oath taking, he has admitted that the USA has failed to achieve its targets and goals through war. The US has also defeated in Afghanistan, Obama admitted. So he has decided to change his strict policies upon several issues. Therefore it will be in the interest of world’s peace, if Obama will go through dialogues to solve the problems, which are still there due to war.

Freedom of Kashmir or Kashmir issues are still unsolved, so USA should avoid to support India. It should also abandon the support of Israel on the Palestine issue. Both the countries are occupying the space of other countries illegally.
President Obama should make some good policies which must not be anti-Muslim, then he will be able to restore peace in all over the world, where no any fear of war will be existed. United Nations (UN) in this regard must take action by joining the different nations of the world, and it must think upon the issue of Kashmir due to which there is a caution of war between Pakistan and India.

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