Raja Parvez Ashraf to be Arrested in Rental Power Plant Case

Islamabad: Supreme Court of Pakistan has issued the orders to arrest Raja Parvez Ashraf (The Prime Minister of Pakistan) in rental power plant case. SC has also ordered to arrest all those persons who are involved in this case with Raja Parvez. Supreme Court of Pakistan has also declared 24 hours of deadline to arrest the Prime Minister of Pakistan and other persons involved in rental power plant case. SC further added if any respondent manage to escape from the country, the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) will be responsible. It is the responsibility of NAB to personally intervene in this case.

The Tahir-ul-Qadri’s long march was on its way, when Suprement court ordered to arrest Raja Parvez Ashraf. When Dr. Tahir-ul-Qadri announced the news in the crowd, the whole bunch of people in the demonstration was very glad to hear it as they were also demanding for electoral reforms.

The participants of the long march of Dr. Tahir-ul-Qadri were sending their love and affection for the Long Live of Supreme Court of Pakistan. So it was the right decision taken on the right time by Supreme Court of Pakistan. Current Prime Minister of Pakistan, Raja Parvez Ashraf was previously a Minister of Water and Power Development Authority. It was the case of his Minister-ship with WAPDA, which has resolved right now today by issuing the orders of Prime Minister of Pakistan arrest.



When the news came up to the media, the Karachi Stock Market also affected, as the 100-index fell by 450 points. The stock market of Pakistan crashed immediately after the issuing of Supreme Court orders for Prime Minister arrest. The arrest warrant may also have issued. The PM of Pakistan was previously also known as Raja Rental. He was involved in several scandals, as he was accused of buying assets like property in London from the money which he earned by involving himself in corruption.

PM Raja Parvez was defending himself in the Supreme Court, but finally the case has come to an end with the arrest orders of Raja Parvez Ashraf.

Previously on 30th March 2012, the apex court had issued the orders to National Accountability Bureau (NAB) to investigate those who were running the ministry of water and power from 2006 till the next elections in Pakistan. The arrest orders of Raja Parvez Ashraf is a result of that investigation. So NAB has issued the arrest warrants of 33 persons including Prime Minister of Pakistan, Raja Parvez Ashraf.


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