Qamar Allahditta (The Music Composer) Killed In Karachi

Famous Music Composer Qamar Allahditta was killed in Karachi as he was found dead in the Garden Area. He was shoot dead by the unknown persons. It seems to be an other case of target killing as Tahira Mateen’s husband was also a victim of target killing. The police told that Qamar Allah Ditta’s dead body was found in the rear seat of the car, which was parked within the limits of Garden Police Station. The famous Music Composer of Pakistan was killed by a singe bullet shot on his head.


Qamar Allah Ditta was working as a music director at Television Channels. He had earned a name in the field of Music composing. A lot of Pakistani actors and artists are sad upon the death of Qamar Allahditta.

Today in Karachi almost for people have become the victims of target killing, and law enforcement agencies are not taking any strict action. They have failed to maintain law and order situation in Karachi as Music Composer Qamar Allahditta’s killing incident is a major incident, but the police and government is speechless.

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  1. May her soul rest in peace.

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