PST Protest Against Burma Killings – A Lot of Burma’s Muslims were Killed

Lahore, Pakistan: Pakistan Sunni Tehrik (PST) started a protest against the Burma Killings at Mughalpura Chowk. A lot of Muslims were killed in Burma by the Buddhists. They even killed the Muslims women and child. Few months ago this news became a part of social media and networking sites, they also showed the images of Burma Killings. The Buddhists are killing Muslim People with full of their efforts to kill them.

The Pakistan Sunni Tehrik staged a protest against the Buddhists or Burma Killings, where they were carrying the banners and placards in their hands having slogans on them against the bloodshed of the Burma’s Muslims. During the protest they strongly condemned the killing of Burma’s Muslims and where the severe torturing and killing even of women and children is continued.


While another protest against the blasphemous movie is going on in Pakistan and all the world, Even the government announces the holiday on 21st September for protest and mobile service remain off for the whole day. The Pakistani Muslims are now coming towards the protests against the Killing in Burma, where the Burma’s Muslims are killed.

The Pakistan Sunni Tehrik (PST) during the protest demanded from the human rights organization of the world to play a vital role to stop the Burma Killings, where the Burma’s Muslims are being killed just for their identity. The human rights organization has done nothing to stop the killings, While the Burma’s Muslims are helpless.

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  1. Pakistanis should get together to start the protest against the Burma.

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  3. As the protests were conducted against the blasphemous movie, the protest against Burma Killings should also be started in Pakistan and other Muslim Countries.

  4. This protest should be started in allover the world, to rescue the Burma’s Muslims from the situation

  5. It should be a big issue for Muslim world and the united nation should also intervene personally in this matter.

  6. The protest against Burma Killings should be started in whole Muslims World for our Muslim brothers who are being killed in Burma.

  7. The Burma killings are at its top as a lot of Muslims are being killed there.

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