Protest Against the Blasphemous Film – Public Holiday on 21 September

To conduct a protest against the blasphemous film made by the Americans, the federal cabinet of Pakistan today announced the public holiday in all over the Pakistan on 21st September 2012 (Friday). This holiday on 21st September (Friday) has been announced to observe Yaum-e-Ishq-e-Rasool (SAWW). The Interior Minister of Pakistan Rehman Malik has announced that the government and Pakistani Peoples Party will take full part in protest rallies and demonstration against the blasphemous film on Friday.


Government and private offices, banks, universities, businesses, colleges, schools will remain close on Friday. According to the Media, it is expected that a large number of rallies will be held, and protest will goes on for whole day. In last few days, many protests in all over the world have been held against the blasphemous movie, as this movie has provoked all the Muslims around the world. The America is always involved in the Anti-Islam policies and movies, but this time the Muslims world has been jointed to protest against the Americans.

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  1. This was the day of mourning and sorrow for the whole Muslim world. The united nation should take the serious action against the culprits and make some policies, so like this incident couldn’t be happen again.

  2. this blog is definitely an example of a huge help for me since i am just starting a blog myself.

  3. The man behind the making of this blasphemous movie has been arrested.

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