Prostitution in Bollywood Film Industry Revealed by Zoom TV

I was just seeing a video on Zoom TV, in which a female host is talking about the prostitution in Bollywood film industry. The hidden and amazing facts have been revealed by the host of program. Actually she is talking about the luxury lifestyle of Bollywood actors and Indian Actresses. So she finally told that few of them may be involved in the business of prostitution to maintain their luxury lifestyle.

Only few new Bollywood Actresses goes towards vulgarity and become prostitutes to earn money for their daily expenditures and lifestyle. She also revealed in the video that not only the girls are involved in this business, but also the Bollywood heroes work as prostitute in the foreign countries. Actually its a big controversy and its really hard to say something about the facts.


Lest us have a look on the Zoom TV video about the topic i.e. Bollywood Prostitution. You should also pass your comments upon this hot topic. If it is right then the Indian film industry is going towards the worst destination, where the girls are doing illegal businesses to manage their daily life expenses. According to my personal point of view, the new girls in Bollywood, who usually raise their expenses and don’t have money to pay for them usually get involved in this worst and awkward business of prostitution.

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