Produce Touch Feedback Without Touching With Sound Waves

It is the new invention in the world of technology that sound waves can produce touch feedback without touching the gadgets. We have watched this new invention in the Hollywood movies like Iron Man. The hero produce a touch feedback without giving a physical touch to device or projector. The holographic computers usually displays the software in the mid-air command, and you can give the order to device while touching the software in the air. If you recall the scene of movie Iron Man, you will observe that the hero interact with the latest ultra modern futuristic interface, which is not available in the market. As we give orders to the android mobile touch screen, the hero give the order to the machines without touching them physically.

The latest Ultrahaptics technology enables you to create sensation of touch using sound waves, while the no touching system is actually or physically present in the device. Ultrasound transducers create sound waves at a very high frequency in ultrahaptic devices. Whereas the function of these waves is concerned, they create isolated changes in the air pressure and you become able to imitate the sensation of touch.


Ultrahaptics is the technology, for what people are waiting these days. New inventions are going on in the field of technology, and Ultrahaptics sound waves is one of them. According to a demonstration held on University of Bristol, they taught the students how the ultrahaptics system works with a display in the air that projects the sound waves. In this modern system a person interacts with the touch display in the air, which is almost several feet above his hands, while actually he is touching the display in the air and vibrations reach the fingertips.

The team working on Ultrahaptics technology discovered that with the help of this new invention, you can feel the texture of air and even edges and raised areas by creating the different sensations. Have a look on the pictures of new ultrahaptic technology, which is still under process, and it seems that soon it will be introduced in the world. With the latest touch system technology you will be able to produce touch feedback without touching the screen or any physical device.

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