President of Al-Rahmat Trust Maulana Yusuf Tahir Killed In Depalpur

Bahawalpur: Maulana Yusaf Tahir who is one of the most influential religious scholar of South Punjab, has been assassinated on this Friday. On 8th October, the unknown armed militants attacked him, when he was on the post office Basirpur Road. He got injured and rushed to the General Hospital, where he remained under treatment for almost one week.

The Late Maulana Yusuf Tahir was the president of Al-Rehmat Trust. Malulana was also Amir of Amir Jaish-e-Muhammad (SAWW) in Depalpur.


The Jaish-e-Muhammad (SAWW) condemned the killing of its leader. Whereas the Pakistani politicians are concerned, the southern punjab showed grief on Maulana Yusuf Tahir. The funeral prayer of Maulana Saab will be offered today in Bahawalpur. It is also expected that a huge numbers of Maulana and religious members from the other parties or organization will participate in the funeral prayer of Maulana, as it is the big name in the Jihadi Organizations. Maulana was doing his work well with full zeal and zest, but someone killed him. But his journey is not finished yet, as the other party workers are also running the organization of welfare and trust.

It is pertinent to mention here that Amir Jaish-e-Muhammad (SAWW) is banned, as it is a Jihadi Organization, which is actively working in Southern Punjab. The founder of this organization is Maulana Masood Azhar, who founded it in 2000. Whereas the Al-Rehmat Trust is concerned, it is a welfare organization, which started working in earlier 2001. We at Funbench also condemns the assassination or killing of Maulana Yusuf Tahir.

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  1. The death of Maulana is condemned by the Pakistani nation.

  2. Pakistani police should take action against the murderers.

  3. Where is the detailed news about the killing?

  4. The details are not up to the media yet.

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