President Obama Attacked by the Mini Spider man

According to a picture published on Time Magazine, President Obama was attacked by a little mini spider man, who was a son of staff member. Obama was shocked to see the little spider man. The news was published under title “Obama Person of the Year 2012.” This picture is really funny that Obama is giving the little boy an impression of being shocked.

The little Spider-Man was just giving him all he could handle on the election date i.e. 26th October-2012. It was being expected that the Obama will win the election, as he knows how to get the economy on its real platform. So Mitt Romney lost the election and President Obama won with the support of public and nationals.



It was an appreciative message from the little boy to Obama. President Obama may have a shot to supplant Andrew Garfield, on the reboot of Spider-Man franchise. The pictures of little Spider-Man is posted above, which has become a part of media these days and being shared on social networking sites like facebook and twitter.

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  1. Amazing political scandal or funny news. The little child is just looking like a funny spider man.

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