Poonam Pandey Hot Pictures at Kumbh Mela

Indian hot actress and sensational babe Poonam Pandey visited the Kumbh Mela and in these pictures she is sitting with Sadhus. Poonam Pandey is a scandalous girl, and always likes to be on news headlines by doing the weird acts like posing nude and many other things like this. She was out of discussion since few months, but she has come up with Pictures at Kumbh Mela to grab the eyeballs of the media and her fans.

Previously when Poonam Pandey stripped for cricket team, she caught the consideration of people. Veena Malik is also following her footsteps and doing the acts like her. Poonam was visiting the holy spot when these pictures were taken. While the girl normally strips and drops her cloths for winning team, this time she is covered in cloths and sitting on a Hindu religious place. She is sitting with some naga sadhus there. But after these pictures went viral on social media, she is just roaming in the comments and discussions.



Poonam Pandey the hot Indian girl is just looking awesome in the traditional dresses of India. She is just seeking the blessings of sadhus at Kumbh Mela. She is also making a Bollywood debut with movie ‘Nasha‘ and praying for the success of her Bollywood movie. Hence Poonam Pandey at Kumbh Mela with Sadhus has caught the attention of people again.

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