Plane Carsh in Nepal Killing 19 – In Pictures

19 people killed in a plane, which crashed after a takeoff from Khatmandu airport. Seven Britons were among 19 persons who were killed in the crash. The possibility behind the destroyed plane may be a large bird of prey.

Five other tourists, who are believing to be from China, also died along with 4 Nepali persons. The plane crew has also been died.

A twin-engined Dornier plane, which run by the local Sita Air, crashed right on the banks of Manohara river on Friday Morning. The Britons were in Nepal, as they arrived on Wednesday for a trek in Khumbu Region, which is around Mount Everest.

Sherpa Adventure Travel reported that the Kathmandu based tour company that have organized their trip, they were due to return on 16 October-2012.

There is no comments coming regarding the plane crash in Nepal, but according to the Deputy police Chief of the Tribhuvan International Airport, and Superintendent Rabiraj Shestha, the plane crashed due to hitting a large bird. It may be a real reason of plane crash in reality, while the weather was clear.

According to the Sreshtra, the birds are the main reason of plane crash, as they attacked the plane. There may be a large number of birds behind the plane crash, as a dead eagle has been recovered from the site.

As Assumption, a birth might have been sucked by the twin engine of the plane, and caused problem, and as a sudden and quick decision, the pilot might have became ready for emergency landing, and as a result the plane crashed. It may be an other possibility.

The eyewitnesses said, a fire ignited out as soon as the plane made landing on the Manohara banks. The flight destination was too small airstrip of Lukla, and it is the start of many treks in the Everest region.

Have a look on the pictures at site taken by the Navesh Chitrakar/Reuters.


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