Pictures: Anushka Sharma India’s Most Beautiful Woman by Femina

Bollywood Actress, Anushka Sharma has been rewarded as India’s most beautiful woman by Femina Magazine at Le Sutra Gallery in Bandra, Mumbai. The event of Femina took place on Monday evening.

While giving an interview to the media, hot actress Aushka Sharma told that Femina is one of the famous magazine that people read it just like kids. As it is the one of her favorite magazine, she is very happy to to see herself on the cover page of Femina Magazine US Edition. She also talked about the team of Femina Magazine 2013 associated with her in this regard.

Previously Anushka Sharma has done a photo shoot for FHM Magazine and many others, and this time the records have been broken as she has received the reward of India’s most beautiful women by Femina Magazine US Edition. Anushka Sharma is going to marry Ranveer Singh, as she was spotted with him in a kissing scene.

Anushka Sharma on Femina Magazine is being appreciated by the people of India. Anushka Sharma was just looking dazzling and hot at the event organized by Femina Magazine 2013. The Anushka Sharma fans were getting her snaps and pictures during the event, as she was giving a charming look on the cover page of Femina magazine.

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