Picture of Hot Wet Girl of Lahore Published By the Duniya News

Here is the picture of a hot Wet Girl, which has been published online by Duniya News. The Lahori girl was crossing road near Lahore Race Course. Is it right to publish the like this image in a news paper while the Lahori girl in the picture is not aware that her image is going to be published in a news paper and online on the internet. The snapshot has been taken during rain in Lahore, and girl is holding something in her hands. She is not aware to become a part of newspaper. According to my view it is not good to publish a picture of hot Wet Girl, who is going to home and due to rain get wet. When it will come to the knowledge of their family members, it will not be good for the girl, and it will become hard to go outside for that girl for the next time.


The Pakistani media is very fast these days, and publish almost any happening in the country, but on the other hand it is not a good thing to publish a picture of Wet Girl in rain on the newspaper without getting prior permission. It is also a fact the the Lahori Girls are much advance in any race of life, and take a part in every situation of life. The Lahori Girls are also much advance when they lives in hostels they find full freedom and be involved in every evil of life especially go to dance parties, take drugs, and have boyfriends in their rooms etc. The pictures of Lahori girls are published day by day in different internet sites, Wet girl is a major part of search engines. Therefore the Picture published without the permission of Hot Wet girl can be searched over the web as it has been published by many other media groups.

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  2. I think they news channels should ask first for the publication of the pic.

  3. I think they should ask her first for getting proper permission.

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