PIA Drug Addicted Air Hostess Scandal – Arrested by ASF

Karachi, Pakistan: The Airport Security Forces of Pakitan (ASF) arrested a drug addicted air hostess with 50 grams hashish while traveling through PIA. Air hostess was flying through Lahore to Karachi, and she had the addiction of hashish, while traveling she used it to make the cigarette and satisfy her habit of addiction.

The hashish contains the ingredients just like THC, and its was found from the custody of an Pakistan International Airlines (PIA)’s air hostess.

After being caught by the Airport Security at Karachi airport, the air hostess revealed that she is a regular user or hashish addict, and she always keeps the low quality with her during flights for her own use. According to the law of Pakistan its is big sin to take drugs, but its a very big crime to sale it. But according to the police the drug addicted air hostess of PIA was not selling it, but keeping with her due to her addiction or own use.

The name of the drug addicted air hostess is not disclosed yet by the ASF, because it may become a big scandal for PIA, which position is not so good already. But according to the secret source, the air hostess was arrested from a Lahore to Karachi flight PK-302. The repute of Pakistan Intrnational Airlines (PIA) is not so good in Pakistan for the time being, as almost 50 air crafts are still on the ground due to the lack of funds for their expenditures.


It has become the trend of our students or new generation that they uses hash in the colleges and academies where they learn about the attitude. Hash has become the high gentry’s drug and people use it with ease and it has also become expensive in last 4 or 5 years in Pakistan. It is being sold in the Pakistan and the law enforcement agencies are not taking strict action against the sale of this drug. Pakistani Government must take strict action against the use of this drug as well as its sale in the towns.



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  1. Why she was traveling with drugs in the pocket?

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