Petition Against Blasphemous Movie Requires 25000 Signatures

Anti-Islam Movie has ignited the whole Muslims world, and they have been protesting against the movie. Huge rallies were conducted against this blasphemous movie on 21st September (Friday), and it was the day of holiday to protest against America. To prevent from any unhappy incident the mobile service remained off for the whole day.

Now voting and polls are being conducted to get down this movie from the video sharing sites, where it has been uploaded. The website i.e. provides a platform, where anyone has a right to create or lodge petition against anyone or any topic. The petition has been filed but it requires 25000 signatories to store their signatures, then white house will officially responds by issuing a official response.

One of a great Muslims has filed a petition ‘outlaw offending prophets of major religion’, and the petition is as below.

“To enact a law that prohibits any action or literature that offend prophets of major religions:
– Moses
– Jesus
– Mohammad
Such acts offend billions of people, and cause unrest in the world. Furthermore, acts like this contradict the essence of coexistence and peace among humans. Labeling these acts as freedom of speech is similar to labeling murder as freedom of expression!
We all know the chaos such acts can cause, but it’s difficult to answer the question: What do they contribute to our nation, or humanity in general?”

Now it requires 25000 signatures before 17th October 2012 to make it officially respond-able, then white house will take serious action. President Obama has already ordered to Google to make this blasphemous or Anti-Islam Movie removed from the site, but they have refused. It is also up at the news channels that the man behind Anti-Islam movie has been arrested and sent behind bars by the federal court or federal government. Now its time to show the whole world that Muslims are united by going to the website and putting a signature on the petition. On the below mentioned link you can have a signature on the petition after being signed up for the website.

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  1. I have signed the petition. Do you have?

  2. The petition should be signed by the whole Pakistan.

  3. i am against the moive

  4. Please sign the petition.

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