People Enjoys Seasonal Rain and Heavy Flooding in Venice, Italy

Pictures: Heavy rainfalls and tides have brought severe flooding in Venice, Italy. It usually happens every year and people enjoy a lot during rain and tides by making several plans and dishes.

The last time when it was raining in Venice, Italy, the people were enjoying a lot by sitting outside their homes in severe flooding that was seasonal. Someone has captured the moments of joy, and these pictures of rainfall have been uploaded to several websites.

Seasonal flooding in Venice Italy has enabled people to enjoy a lot in the rain and water. Some people are riding boats, and few are enjoying sitting in the rain. The gatherings are also looking good in the Venice. Some people are making several rainy dishes at the homes. But it was not just a rain, as it was a heavy severe flood. Have a look on the photographs or picture gallery taken during the heavy flooding in Venice.

The water level rose to 149 centimeters, but it is still below the record levels of the recent decades. But Italy had taken some precautionary measures to avoid from the natural disaster; therefore you can see the people are enjoying the seasonal rainfall and severe flooding.

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