Parents killed their daughter Anvu Shah in the name of honor

Muzaffrabad: According to a local news channel report, parents killed their 15-years old daughter Anvu Shah when they caught her talking on the phone with a man at night.

According to the Aazad Kashmir police, the parents both father and mother killed their beloved 15-years old daughter Anvu Shah with cruelty by splashing the liquid or acid on her face. The main cause behind the daughter killing was the honor killing, as she was involved in a relation with a man.

The Anvu Shah was killed in Aazad Kashmir by her own parents due to honor killing reported local news channel. According to the police officer Tahir Ayub, the father of the girl Muhammad Zafar had doubt about Anvu Shah that she has an affair with a guy. One day the doubt became assured when the Muhammad Zafar caught his daughter outside home with that boy. After seeing his daughter in a relationship with someone, he was afraid of her elopement with the same boy, therefore he killed his daughter in the name of honor.


In this modern age where mobile has become a need of every person, and children or teenage girls and boys are addicted of mobile using in nights, this trend is giving birth to a lot of mobile relationships. The Mobile companies have also introduced the night free packages, as in developed countries there is no any package like this. They are saving their youth and preventing them from the mobile relationship, as this practice in the developing countries is damaging the economy badly. Anvu Shah has also become a victim of this as her parents have killed her for saving their honor.

The policeman further added that they didn’t take her to the hospital, while she was badly injured or burnt with the liquid or acid. She succumbed to her injuries and died next morning on Wednesday. The parents of Anvu Shah have confessed the killing of their daughter and police is investigating in the matter on the request of her elder sister who is married.

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  1. The tone of your article suggests that you approve of this atrocity. There is no proof the girl did anything wrong, and even if she did, it is not for anyone to take the life of another. The fact that you do not like the effect of digital technology does not justify condoning torture and murder of a child. By writing such an article you contribute to such behavior, and you participate in torture and murder.

    • I am just saying that being a father its very hard to see your daughter enjoying and having affair with someone. So that the mobile companies should close all the free night packages as it may be well in your knowledge that the Pakistan and Indian youth is going towards a destination which is not good for them. Most of their time they consume in talking with boyfriend or girlfriend and not giving time to their studies, which is the more powerful thing for the developing countries.
      I condemn the act of father that he has met a huge wrong doing, while he should have to forgive her daughter, its cruelty.

  2. What will happen if the free night packages of mobile phones are closed? They boys and girls may use the paid packages to make near relations.

  3. Most of the girls remain involve in fake relations by becoming the fool, and the severe use of mobile phone is not good especially for girls, who thinks good about the temporary relations.

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