Pakistnai Actress Sataesh Khan Left Showbiz

Pakistani Model, Singer, and Actress the gorgeous Sataesh Khan has left showbiz. According to the report she is not taking it wrong to enter the Pakistani showbiz industry, but she feels honor as she has a good repute in the industry. She is not feeling shame to enter the showbiz industry as she is a honorable actress and model of Pakistani showbiz industry. As the newcomers in the modeling industry has forgot the limits, the Pakistani Showbiz industry is going towards the vulgarity.

Sataesh Khan said in a report that she is not ashamed, because she has worked in the showbiz keeping in mind the limits of a noble girl. She never went towards the vulgarity and worked in the limits. She has worked in the modeling shows, as she was a beautiful ramp model. After the period of modeling, she appeared in the Pakistani Dramas, worked well and earned good repute. Sataesh Khan was also a beautiful singer of the industry.


But as the Sara Chaudhry has left showbiz, who was a gorgeous model and actress of Pakistan, and become the real Islami or religious woman, the Sataesh Khan has also chosen the right way by leaving the showbiz industry and becoming a real Islamic woman. She also added that she want to serve her remaining life for the teaching of Islam. It is really a good decision by the Sataesh Khan after the Sara Chaudhry that she has finally left the showbiz industry, and come towards the right way i.e. Islam and the best religion in this world.


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  1. It is a very good decision taken by Sataesh to turned herself a beautiful real Islamic woman after leaving the showbiz Industry. We really appreciate the decision taken by the beautiful and gorgeous celebrity.

  2. We really appreciate the decision taken by Staesh Khan the Pakistani model of showbiz industry.

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