Pakistan’s most beautiful politician Kashmala Tariq Pictures

The Pakistani beautiful and gorgeous politician Kashmala Tariq always looks hot and stunning in pictures. Here we are including some beautiful and hot photos of Kashmala Tariq. Once Kashmala was having a debate with Firdaus Ashiq Awan of Pakistan Peoples Party, where she become a victim of dirty talk. Firdaus Ashiq Awan said her she is a result of bed politics, and came after sleeping with different political leaders. The video is still uploaded over the video sharing sites like Youtube.

Kashmala Tariq



kashmala Tariq latest Hot Pictures


According to the different reports of media, Kashmala Tariq is graduated from Lahore and she was a model first, when in the little age she joined the showbiz industry, where she got a huge fan club and fame. Kashmala Tariq Sex scandal is also a famous political scandal of Pakistan, where she is having a dirty or sex talk over the phone with someone. This may be a rumor or just a scandal as the voice is not testified and confirmed yet. Once she was found over the beach wearing the short, it was another scandal of Beautiful Kashmala, when her dirty and hot pictures were published over the different social networking sites and blogs.

But the political leader or MQM is brave and never goes towards the controversies and scandals. He is the well educated and reputed politician of Pakistan. She also take a part in the debates on live TV channels with different opposition leaders and always comes with solid proofs. The Beautiful and hot politician Kashmala has a lot of followers due to her attitude and beauty as well. Whenever she will take a part in elections, she will definitely win the seat. Here we are presenting some hot and beautiful pictures and photos of stunning Kashmala Tariq.

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  1. The stunning a beautiful female politician of Pakistan.

  2. Whereas several hot female politicians are working all around the world, Kashmala is one of them, who admires the people with her beautiful looks and talking attitude.

  3. I like her beauty and hot looks, whenever she comes up to the media news and live debates.

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