Pakistani Police Doing Protest Against the Blasphemous Movie

A brave Pakistani Policeman is protesting against the blasphemous movie made by bloody Americans. As Today (Friday) 21st September the day of expressing love for last messenger of ALLAH almighty the beloved Muhammad (PBUM), the majority of Muslims is warm in protest against the Anti Islam Movie. The makers of the blasphemous movie are the enemies of the Muslims, these should be given a memorable punishment, so that the none Muslims should get lesson from it. As government has announced the public holiday on Friday, and to prevent from the any unhappy incident the mobiles phones and SIMS will remain blocked on this day, the whole Pakistan is doing protest against the blasphemous movie. America is the main and big enemy of Islamic World.


Being a super power, the rights are not given to America, that it can made any movie on any topic. it always try to dishonor the Islamic World, but all the times its all struggles remains unsuccessful and can’t generate the desired results. As one of an interview, in which a Pakistani politician gave his comments that if Saudi Arabia stop the supply of oil to America for only one day, the America will be forced enough to apologize for this big mistake, the Saudi Arabia should do it on the emergent basis to show the world that Muslims are united, and no one will collect courage to make like this blasphemous movie. This time as the protests are continued in all over the Islamic World, the maker of this film soon be given punishment, and no one will make like this blasphemous movie or Anti Islam movie in future.

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  1. Solute to this Pakistani policeman who is putting the American flag on his feet with brave effort.

  2. America should stop to make like these controversies, which can take the lives of many.

  3. According to the local news, a lot of people got injured, even some people died in the protests against blasphemous movie.

  4. He is such a brave policeman.

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