Pakistani national anthem – Punjab youth festival world record

Lahore: According to some local news channels Pakistan made world record in Punjab Youth Festival, where almost 70,000 participants are found singing the Pakistani national anthem. Pakistanis have written their names in the Guinness Book of world record in golden worlds by showing their patriotic emotions together with one voice.

According to a statement of Sports Board of Punjab, more than 84,000 people including students, athletes and audience were very much expected to set a world record by singing the Pakistani national anthem with one voice on the opening ceremony of Punjab Youth Festival 2012, which is being held in National Stadium of Lahore.


Chief Minister Punjab Shahbaz Sharif had jointed his full effort to get the expected audience at the moment, as he was the chief guest in the ceremony. While his speech to the audience he sung a song for the nation and also explained that the event is not limited to the Punjab, it will bring the name of Pakistan up in the book of world records. He also sung a song “Akeley Na Jana Hamein Chor Kar Tum” for showing his love for the nation. The team or representatives of Guinness Book of World Records were also invited in the ceremony and a world record was to be set in the opening of festival.

This was really a big even in the history of Pakistan. Sahir Lodhi who is a famous personality of TV channels and morning shows, hosted the stage with full spirit and the Pakistani signers were also there to participate in the Punjab Youth Festival.

In other words the Pakistani set a new record while breaking the previous one made by India, where almost 15,000 people sung the Pakistani national anthem together. The previous world record made by India was also a part of this year i.e. 2012, and the even was held at Divisional Sports Ground in Aurangabad by Lokmat Media Limited in January.

It was a great crowd not ever found in the stadiums, and students showed their spirit and love for Pakistan by making screams after the world record was set by singing the Pakistani national anthem in National Stadium of Lahore, Pakistan.


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  1. Pakistani youth and students have proved the unity of nation.

  2. It is really an amazing festival for youth and Pakistani nation, who is getting together to show the spirit and love for the country.

  3. I have saw another video where the Pakistani girls in abroad have made a remix of Pakistani national anthem.

  4. Pak Sar Zameen Shadbad was a great effort made by Pakistani students to made a world record at Punjab youth festival.

  5. Punjab Youth festival is at its best as youngsters from several cities of Pakistan have been gathered there to prove the unity of Muslims and unity of Islam.

  6. It was a huge crows singing the national anthem of Pakistan breaking another world record.

  7. Pakistani youth has proved the unity.

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